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5 TIPS for Puppy Toilet Training Success




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The key to toilet training success is to start early with your puppy and be consistent.
If your puppy is worried about going to the toilet in front of people he may take a little longer to house train, just be a little more patient.
You need to make sure that your puppy isn’t allowed to go to the toilet in inappropriate locations. For you, this might be your lounge room, bedroom, sunroom etc.
Your puppy needs to understand that your entire house is not his toilet and this is where training is the key.

My 5 TOP TIPS  for Toilet Training Success

  1. Feed your puppy on a regular schedule. Doing this helps his toilet habits to happen on schedule.
  2. Observe your puppy. If you see him sniffing, circling or exhibiting other pre-toileting behaviours, take him to his toilet spot immediately.
  3. Allow him to see his toilet area from his restricted space. This will help him recognise how to get to his correct toilet spot.
  4. Thoroughly clean any area your puppy has had accidents for hygiene reasons and also because the scent of previous pees and poos stimulate your puppy’s desire to go to the toilet.
  5. Toilet your puppy in a different area to where his food and water bowls are located.