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Our Philosophy

Animal Talent

Simply, kind and holistic. Our training accommodates all ages of puppies, dogs and humans alike. We teach owners to train the whole dog, encompassing the physical, mental and environmental. Our focus is educating owners on how their dogs think, what makes them tick and why they do what they do. Owners are encouraged to concentrate on training the dog they have in front of them rather than the one they imagined.


We believe that training can fit into your busy lifestyle. It isn't about setting aside large chunks of time, rather it’s about using our everyday interactions as an opportunity to either change existing behaviour or to encourage a new one.


Using proven reward-based techniques and our unique 5 Star Training System, owners encourage their dogs to make better behaviour choices which result in their dog receiving an appropriate reward.  We individualise our training focusing on the strengths of each dog’s personality and genetic traits. Owners and dogs share their journey. 


NOSE to TAILA Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream DogLouise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer


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