Animal Talent Showreel

Watch our showreel below from some of our past, working with clients such as Real Pet Insurance, RSPCA, Guardian Insurance.

Louise Harding is a Dog Trainer & Animal Wrangler for Animal Talent, based on the NSW Central Coast & for the Sydney area.

Further enquiries about filmwork please contact us.

Dog Gallery

Dash - Koolie

Tilly -  Golden Retriever

Miah -  Mini Dachshund

Tilly -  Golden Retriever

Annie - Wirehaired Jack Russell

Bella - Alaskan Malamute

Dash - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Archie - Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Alfie - Papillion

Lilly - Chihuahua

Blue - Koolie

Archie - Smooth coated Jack Russel

Skeeter - Malonois

Cocoa - Black Labrador

Annie - Wirehaired Jack Russell

Jessie - Chocolate Labrador

Chihauhua Cross

Dash - Koolie

Cindy - Golden Labrador


Ollie - Shitzu cross

Jedda - Mastif

Digger - Australian Shepherd

Archie - Border Collie

Belle - Border Collie

Zar - Alaskan Mallamute

Badger - Border Collie Cross

Millie - Bearded Collie cross

Airedale Terrior

Paxy - Koolie

Ruby - Spoodle

Toby - Golden Retriever

Cavalier King Charles

Scarper - Border Collie

Ollie - Shitzu Cross

Blue - Koolie

Bubbles - Shitzu Cross

Dash - Koolie






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