Come Away & Play Workshop – Sunday 17th June

Come Away & Play Workshop – Sunday 17th June

Come Away & Play Workshop – Sunday 17th June 10am ~ 12pm

Join us for an exciting, interactive workshop with our Master Trainer Louise Harding.    Using Louise’s unique proven methods you will learn to:

  • train your dog to respond reliably, even when off leash, distracted and at a distance
  • build ‘Play Drive’ in your dog
  • use Play as a powerful motivator and high value reward for training your dog
  • develop your dog’s self-control using Play
  • train your dog to ‘come away’
  • how to keep you and your dog safe when out and about
  • proof the behaviours you have trained
  • and so much more.

You CAN train your dog to come every time it’s called. Join us and learn how you can combine the power of play to train a strong reliable recall in your dog.

Cost: Handlers with dog – $75 (You and your dog attend) only 8 spaces available

            N.B. Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and friendly human strangers.

      Observers – $50 (Only you attend. A great way to absorb all the learning without distraction)

only 30 spaces available

Location: The Training Paddock – Peninsula Industrial Estate, 170 Woy Woy Rd,  Woy Woy

Prior Knowledge: No previous knowledge or experience is required

Drink refreshments will be provided


When Your Plump Pooch Wants a Meat Treat – Training Tips for Dieting Dogs

When Your Plump Pooch Wants a Meat Treat – Training Tips for Dieting Dogs

These days with modern dog training techniques we recommend using food as the primary motivator.  It all gets a little tricky when we have a dog who loves to scoff food and has a tendency to put on weight, it seems by just sniffing it.  If this is something you experience with your dog, there are some other healthy options you can try.

I like to have a mixture of treats, in a jar, kind of like a pick and mix bag of lollies.  Dogs have their favourites and it helps make things a little more interesting if they don’t know exactly what flavour they’ll be receiving.

For dogs who need to watch their waistline, you can try diced carrots, beans, peas, broccoli, dehydrated chicken, lean beef, dehydrated liver, and fish.

If you’d rather a prepared option check out the ingredients and calorie count on the back of the pack. Choose brands that are low in sugar, fat and other preservatives, there is likely to be a reasonable selection wherever you purchase your dog supplies, read the labels and do a comparison (like we do for our own food). Your vet will also be able to recommend a suitable pre-packaged product.

Be aware of how many training treats you give your dog on a daily basis.  Treats and tidbits should be on average around 10% of a dog’s daily intake.  If you think your dog gets a little more because that’s how your lifestyle works, that’s ok just be aware and adjust the size of his meals accordingly. Awareness around the quantity and quality of treats is important especially if you are leaving enrichment toys containing treats when you leave for work every day.  So being aware of what’s in a treat and the calorie count is really important.  Remember exercise is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Loose-lead Walking – Dog Training Workshop – Woy Woy

Loose-lead Walking – Dog Training Workshop – Woy Woy

Topic: Loose-lead Walking

Date: Saturday 6th January

Time: 4pm – 6pm

Location: The Training Paddock – Peninsula Industrial Estate, Woy Woy Rd, Woy Woy

Prior Knowledge: No previous knowledge or experience is required

Format: Workshop with a mix of handlers with dogs (8) and observers without dogs  (unlimited). Training ‘loose-lead walking’ using Master Trainer Louise Harding’s step-by-step approach.

Cost: $75 per person (handlers with dogs) only 8 spaces available. Your dog must be  friendly with other dogs and friendly human strangers.

$50 per person (observers without dogs) unlimited spaces.

Drink refreshments will be provided.

REGISTER NOW > or call Louise 0437148402 for more information

Email Louise to Register
Puppy preschool – a good idea or not?

Puppy preschool – a good idea or not?

Often puppy preschool groups are socialisation only classes, where (hopefully) small groups of puppies are interacting together.  Often, for some, these classes can be stressful and chaotic for both pup and owner.  Because of their age and limited mental capabilities and lack of impulse control, they are often put into situations where they are set up to fail. Calling a single puppy away from a seething mass of squirming excitable moving puppies is no mean feat, even if you have a highly food motivated puppy.

My belief, is that initially a few weeks bonding and learning family/house rules can make all the difference.  Once you have these basics in place, depending on your puppy’s level of mental maturity start looking for recommended and experienced trainers who run their own courses.

Many of my clients who attend my six week course’s have previously attended a puppy preschool course run by a vet practice or pet store.  I am regularly told by these clients who attend early puppy training classes that they feel these classes were really a waste of time and that they don’t feel they benefited from the experience.

I believe the problem is that the organisers of these classes tend to forget about one very important step.  Building a bond and relationship between dog/owner while having a dog who is friendly with other dogs it’s important that it’s not at the expense of your dog completely ignoring you and trying to drag you across the road to greet another dog.

In my opinion it appears that most puppy owners are not getting their real needs met and I feel that some of the advice given is questionable.

How experienced is the trainer? I believe that these classes should be run by the most experienced trainers as during this period puppies are in one of the most crucial developmental periods.

Not all puppies are the same so it’s important that a trainer can and will balance the needs of the group but at the same time meet the needs of the individual puppy and analyse both their breed traits and individual personality.

If you do decide to attend early puppy training classes (puppy pre-school) have a clear understanding of your expectations from these classes and what the instructor can and will deliver.  If this is not your first experience with a dog it’s likely you may have more knowledge and experience that the person giving the advice.  So ….. If you want a deeper understanding of dog behaviour, relationship and communication I suggest you explore a few options.

Introduction to Agility Workshop  – March 2016

Introduction to Agility Workshop – March 2016

Woy Woy

Friday 25 March 9.30am – 11.30am or Saturday 26 March 9.30am – 11.30am

Are you looking for something new to challenge both yourself and your dog?

Dog Agility is a popular sport suitable for a range of breeds it provides both physical exercise as well as mental stimulation for both dog and owner.

In our 2 hour workshop we provide an introduction into the basics of how to teach your dog to jump safely and follow instructions while on the move.

Due to the nature of the techniques involved in this workshop your dog will need to be reliable off lead in a fully enclosed area.

Our introduction to agility workshop includes

  • 2 hour hands on workshop with your dog
  • Morning tea provided

This is a reward based workshop developed and presented by Louise Harding, Animal Talent

  • Limited to 5 handler spaces only
  • Observer positions are available
  • Payments by direct deposit
  • Contact us for an enrolment form to secure your spot
  • $120 handler spot
  • $60 observer

Bookings / Enquiries please contact:  ph.  0437148402

Dog Agility Class – Does your dog love to run?

Dog Agility Class – Does your dog love to run?

Do you have an enthusiastic dog who loves to run and you think you’d like to do something a little more interesting?
Coming soon ….

Introduction to agility class to the central coast Monday at 5.30pm.

Dogs must be sociable with other dogs and people and have a reliable recall.  If you don’t have a sociable dog who comes when called – we can help.

All enquiries please contact us.

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