Koolies what a joy and a talent!

Koolies what a joy and a talent!

Dogs in filmAbout 5 years ago I met young Bridgette during a film job in Centennial Park.
Dash was a young pup then and she had just come along for the experience. Due to a change in script and a few hiccups with some other talent Dash stepped into some very large shoes and with the help of Bridgette did a wonderful job that day!


5 years later and these two were reunited back at the same park for another record last week. Later that day Blue took the opportunity to show her what he could do! So very grateful that Enid Clark – Hunterslea koolies carefully breeds wonderful working koolies and I’m really grateful that she has given me the absolute pleasure of working with them every day!


Louise Harding is a professional animal trainer and wrangler. Her company Animal Talent provides highly trained animal actors to the film and television training industry.

It wasn’t us!

It wasn’t us!



When working with animals of any species on set it’s vital that animal safety and welfare is a priority.  At Animal Talent we provide a service that ensures animals from a wide variety of species are appropriately prepared, handled and trained.


We thought we would put together a list of tips vital for production companies to ensure your project is risk free and successful when they involve animals on set.


  • Give your animal trainer as much prior notice as practicable during the initial stages of your project planning it’s a good idea to contact us and book your dates as soon as you know – we can then start some early training if required to prepare the animal for a different environment or situation.
  • Animals to be featured should be trained, handled and cared for by experienced animal trainers.  Animals can be unpredictable and having someone able to read and understand animal behaviour on set is essential, it can also save time and stress for both humans and animals.
  • Animal trainers must have no other responsibilities on-set.
  • When working with large animals eg: livestock – its essential that they are worked in an appropriate environment or sufficient time is given to a trainer to condition the animals to the environment they are going to be working in.
  • Multiple animals – ensure your budget caters for additional wranglers especially if the location is challenging.
  • During training and rehearsals, animals and actors should be given time to familiarise themselves with each other and to become comfortable in each others presence.
  • The producer should inform all personnel (actors) working with animals that patience is essential and that training or handling is carried out under direction from the animal trainer.

Animal Talent’s Showreel

Check out our new showreel and all the fabulous furry stars!

Includes our work from clients such as Real Pet Insurance, RSPCA, Guardian Insurance.

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Preview Screening –  Short Film for Blue #animaltalent

Preview Screening – Short Film for Blue #animaltalent

Betty Short Film Blue_web

On Thursday 28/11 we went to a preview screening of the short film “Bitch” that Blue featured in – it was great to catch up with Betty who played the lead role she is a really talented actor who retired from preschool teacher to take up a retirement job as an “extra” these days live theatre, tvc’s and other projects keep her pretty much in full time employment.

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