Come Away & Play Workshop – Sunday 17th June

Come Away & Play Workshop – Sunday 17th June

Come Away & Play Workshop – Sunday 17th June 10am ~ 12pm

Join us for an exciting, interactive workshop with our Master Trainer Louise Harding.    Using Louise’s unique proven methods you will learn to:

  • train your dog to respond reliably, even when off leash, distracted and at a distance
  • build ‘Play Drive’ in your dog
  • use Play as a powerful motivator and high value reward for training your dog
  • develop your dog’s self-control using Play
  • train your dog to ‘come away’
  • how to keep you and your dog safe when out and about
  • proof the behaviours you have trained
  • and so much more.

You CAN train your dog to come every time it’s called. Join us and learn how you can combine the power of play to train a strong reliable recall in your dog.

Cost: Handlers with dog – $75 (You and your dog attend) only 8 spaces available

            N.B. Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and friendly human strangers.

      Observers – $50 (Only you attend. A great way to absorb all the learning without distraction)

only 30 spaces available

Location: The Training Paddock – Peninsula Industrial Estate, 170 Woy Woy Rd,  Woy Woy

Prior Knowledge: No previous knowledge or experience is required

Drink refreshments will be provided


Introduction to Agility Workshop  – March 2016

Introduction to Agility Workshop – March 2016

Woy Woy

Friday 25 March 9.30am – 11.30am or Saturday 26 March 9.30am – 11.30am

Are you looking for something new to challenge both yourself and your dog?

Dog Agility is a popular sport suitable for a range of breeds it provides both physical exercise as well as mental stimulation for both dog and owner.

In our 2 hour workshop we provide an introduction into the basics of how to teach your dog to jump safely and follow instructions while on the move.

Due to the nature of the techniques involved in this workshop your dog will need to be reliable off lead in a fully enclosed area.

Our introduction to agility workshop includes

  • 2 hour hands on workshop with your dog
  • Morning tea provided

This is a reward based workshop developed and presented by Louise Harding, Animal Talent

  • Limited to 5 handler spaces only
  • Observer positions are available
  • Payments by direct deposit
  • Contact us for an enrolment form to secure your spot
  • $120 handler spot
  • $60 observer

Bookings / Enquiries please contact:  ph.  0437148402

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