Come Away & Play Workshop – Sunday 17th June 10am ~ 12pm

Join us for an exciting, interactive workshop with our Master Trainer Louise Harding.    Using Louise’s unique proven methods you will learn to:

  • train your dog to respond reliably, even when off leash, distracted and at a distance
  • build ‘Play Drive’ in your dog
  • use Play as a powerful motivator and high value reward for training your dog
  • develop your dog’s self-control using Play
  • train your dog to ‘come away’
  • how to keep you and your dog safe when out and about
  • proof the behaviours you have trained
  • and so much more.

You CAN train your dog to come every time it’s called. Join us and learn how you can combine the power of play to train a strong reliable recall in your dog.

Cost: Handlers with dog – $75 (You and your dog attend) only 8 spaces available

            N.B. Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and friendly human strangers.

      Observers – $50 (Only you attend. A great way to absorb all the learning without distraction)

only 30 spaces available

Location: The Training Paddock – Peninsula Industrial Estate, 170 Woy Woy Rd,  Woy Woy

Prior Knowledge: No previous knowledge or experience is required

Drink refreshments will be provided