Boom, crack, hiss!!!

Fireworks are scary things especially to dogs and many other animals.  Every year thousands of dogs escape their yards or homes and run in a frenzy petrified by the noise of fireworks. Tragically, many dogs end up in already over-flowing shelters and others lose their lives after being hit by vehicles. Don’t let your beloved dog become a statistic these holidays.

Here are my Top 8 Tips to keep your dog safe this silly season.


1. BE PREPARED. You prepare and plan for your parties over the holiday period, its equally important that you plan for the needs of your dog during the party season. Make a plan and ride it out.


2. Have a safe secure space where your dog can be contained. Dog crates are ideal.


3. Put on some music.


4. Use a calming spray or diffuser with Adaptil (available from your Vet).


5. Use a Thundershirt or other calming shirt. These can work with varying degrees of success (available on-line and at pet stores).


6. If your dog chooses to hide in a safe place, leave him there to wait it out.


7. Don’t mollycoddle your dog, even though you may be very tempted to do so. Reassurance to this degree will make the issue worse and you may end up with your dog being scared of other loud noises like lawn mowers, machinery and thunder.


8. Ask a responsible friend or reputable dog carer to house sit with your dog while you are at a party or New Years celebration.

Finally, don’t forget to be considerate of others. If you plan to let off fireworks or are having a party that is likely to be really noisy, let your neighbours know so they and their animals can be prepared.

Remember, keep yourself and your dogs safe this ‘Silly Season’.

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