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Dogs roaming loose on the streets of our neighbourhoods by day and by night, continues to be a vexed issue. Simply, there are only two reasons dogs are out roaming: There owners are irresponsible and allow them to. They have escaped from their house or yard. Let me address the first reason. i will attempt to do so without getting hot under the collar. No, sorry it’s impossible I can’t. You chose to own a dog and that privilege comes with responsibilities. Namely, looking after your dog’s health and wellbeing – which you can’t possibly be doing when you don’t know where your dog is, and, ensuring your dog doesn’t endanger or injure the public or other animals. Sadly, many roaming dogs are responsible for vicious, unprovoked attacks on both people and animals often leading to serious injury or death. There are NO excuses. If you can’t care for your dog in a responsible manner you shouldn’t own one! Either, get with the program and obey the law, or consider re-homing your pet. To deal with escapees you should be: Fence checking weekly. Repair when your dog’s not watching. Use puzzle toys like a Kong to help amuse your dog in your absence. Consider using a dog walking or day-care service Do obedience training with your dog