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Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6

Nose to Tail: Workbook 1 of 6 Sold As Complete Set


Nose to Tail Workbooks 1-6

Do you dream of a well-mannered dog who is a pleasure to have as a companion? Have you ever thought about training your dog but can't imagine where you could find time? 

In this workbook, the first of The Nose to Tail Workbook Series, Louise will show you how you can easily incorporate training your dog into the busiest of lifestyles. All you will need is basic equipment, some five to ten minute blocks of time, energy, and a sense of humour. 

Louise will guide you each step of the way from understanding your dog's personality, your own motivations, setting up your home, building focus, and the importance of training with rewards and motivators. 

You and your dog will complete a number of tasks that will start you on your path to achieving dog training success!


I really enjoyed your workbook, I love how it is set out. It was a great read.
I look forward to using it as a resource with clients.
Nikki McGregorMay 2020
The nose to tail work books are an essential guide for any dog owner- new or experienced. Louise provides a comprehensive yet simplistic approach to not just training your dog, but understanding our canine friends on their level. Her training methods can be more seen as a bonding moment than a chore.
What I particularly enjoyed about the nose to tail workbooks was Louise’s attention to the finer details. With the growing trend of dog ownership, I found the section of doggy etiquette in cafes and dog parks partnered with the understanding of dog body language to be very useful tools for new or even the experienced owner.
In my years of veterinary nursing I have often called upon Louise’s expertise for help, not only with client doggy issues but at times with my own pets. The conversations are almost always met with a “ahh, of course!” lightbulb moment as Louise always provides a commonsense approach. For anyone who reads her workbooks, I believe they too will have a lightbulb moment here or there!
Katie Norris May 2020
NOSE to TAILA Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream DogLouise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer


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