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Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 1 of 6

Nose to Tail: Workbook 1 of 6 Sold As Complete Set


Nose to Tail Workbooks 1-6

Do you dream of a well-mannered dog who is a pleasure to have as a companion? Have you ever thought about training your dog but can't imagine where you could find time? 

In this workbook, the first of The Nose to Tail Workbook Series, Louise will show you how you can easily incorporate training your dog into the busiest of lifestyles. All you will need is basic equipment, some five to ten minute blocks of time, energy, and a sense of humour. 

Louise will guide you each step of the way from understanding your dog's personality, your own motivations, setting up your home, building focus, and the importance of training with rewards and motivators. 

You and your dog will complete a number of tasks that will start you on your path to achieving dog training success!

The Nose to Tail Series

Do you dream of owning a loving, obedient, well-mannered dog?

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your dog’s bad behaviour?
  • Do you want to train your dog but don't know where to start?

Then these are the books for you!

  • Canine Behaviour Specialist Louise Harding will be your own personal expert, coaching you and your dog.


Another great down to earth approach guide from Louise.
Practical in the approach to training your dog and empowering you with the tools necessary to achieve your goals.
Each workbook follows easy to follow steps to gaining the dog you want. My favourite is the “Take a breath” volume. It reminds you that you are making progress even if you are feeling frustrated. I found this book series very helpful.
Sharon RainesMay 2020
Congratulations for producing another well written, easy to follow and informative piece of work. I really liked the workbooks. I felt there was good balance of activities and information. I liked to look of the workbooks and could picture myself filling them out when I was reading through them. You've done a great job and created a great resource. You should be very proud of yourself.
Leah LangfordMay 2020
NOSE to TAILA Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream DogLouise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer


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