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Will I Ever Stop Crying?




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We love our dogs, they are an integral part of our families. They shower us with their love, affection and licks! They greet us with their smiley faces and wagging tails every time we walk through the door. They amuse us with their crazy antics and comfort us with their unconditional love. We wish they could stay forever young, and never pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that the day will come. When it does, it can throw us into a tailspin of whirling emotions and leave a hole in our hearts which can feel so huge we wonder if it will ever be filled again.  So how can we individually and collectively deal with the grief and loss of a much-loved canine companion?

  • Acknowledge that everyone experiences grief or loss differently.
  • Give each other permission to grieve and allow space for this to happen.
  • Share our grief, and let others support us in our times of need.
  • Understand that grief has no set pattern. Some people may grieve for weeks or months, while others may grieve for years.
  • Be kind to ourselves and each other. Never be judgemental. Grief takes time to work through.

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