Helping Humans Understand Dogs


Workshops and seminars

Throughout the year we hold a range of workshops and seminars on different topics including;

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$75 pp

Reliable recalls

Learn fun, fast, modern & effective recall training methods in this 2-hour workshop.

$75 pp

Loose-Lead Walking

Learn how you can have relaxed, pleasurable walks with your dog in this 2-hour workshop.

$75 pp


Our professional trainers will show you how to safely teach your dog the basic foundation skills needed to pursue an agility dogsport future.

$75 pp

A fun & engaging way to bond through training. Turn everyday behaviours into impressive tricks!

$75 pp

Disc Dog

Come along to our Introduction to Disc Dog Workshop and learn how to throw discs, and teach your dog the skills they will need, to safely catch a disc.  We will also cover some basic tricks.

$75 pp

Dogsport Heeling

In this workshop, we focus on the foundation behaviours for precision heeling. You will learn how to teach your dog the heel position and maintain focus around distractions.  We will also cover handler footwork and turns.

$75 pp

Chaos to Calm

Chaos to Calm is a class that teaches you and your dog strategies for everyday manners. We use simple techniques for managing mental and physical arousal so your dog can be calm, still, patient and quiet around moving things.