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Welcome To Animal Talent

Animal Talent is a professional Animal Talent Agency providing highly-trained animal actors, professional trainers and wranglers to the film and television industry. Our Animal Actors arrive ontime with their Wranglers fully-trained to perform the behaviours they have been booked for. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs to ensure their production is a success.



What’s New

Nose to Tail: Workbook 1 of 6
Nose to Tail: Workbook 1 of 6
From $120.00
Animal Talent - Swivel Clip Paracord Leads
Animal Talent - Swivel Clip Paracord Leads
From $30.00


Why People Choose Us



You love your dog and want it to have the best life. The good news is we share your passion.  We value our customers both two-legged and four and we want you to have a fun experience while learning. Our training method is positive using kind reward-based techniques.

Professional Trainers

Master Dog Trainer and Professional Animal Wrangler Louise Harding heads our team. We use our 5 Star Training Success program utilising positive reward-based methods that are kind and respectful to your dog.


Train for success and join the hundreds of satisfied owners living stress-free lives with their dogs.

Positive Reward-based

A happy dog with a calm, respectful state-of-mind is keen to please. We use positive, kind reward-based training to help your dog achieve this. Did you know play and touch are rewards for your dog too?

Practical and Fun

Training shouldn’t be complicated and boring. Using simple everyday language we can show you how to fit training into your busy lifestyle. Our 5 Star Training Success method ensures both you and your dog have fun while learning.

Trained Animal

Dogs, cats, birds or rabbits all our animals arrive on set ready to perform the behaviours they were booked for. We proudly operate in accordance with the Code of Practice for Animals in Films and Theatrical Performances.

Creative Solutions

All dogs (and humans) have their own unique personalities and learning styles. We love doggy quirks and we will show you how to use your dog’s special ways in your training. A tailored solution to your lifestyle and your dog’s needs is what we are all about.

Quality Products

We sell products that we use ourselves! Shop our very own Animal Talent paracord leads and tug toys and other trusted brands like Kong, Aussie Dog, GiGwi, Nerf, Chuckit, A la Carte and Ivory Coat.

NOSE to TAILA Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream DogLouise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer


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