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Dog Training Classes - Central Coast

Central Coast, NSW

Louise Harding

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Dog Training & Obedience Classes

Central Coast NSW

Our next 6 week sessions of classes recommence in February 2019. We train ALL levels from beginners through to competition.

You and your dog will learn:

  • Kind reward-based training techniques that work
  • Appropriate dog to dog greetings
  • Relaxed loose-lead walking
  • How to overcome environmental distractions when out and about
  • Reliable recalls

If you would like to know more visit the classes pages for more info. Book and pay online.

Class Enrolments 2019

2019 – Book now via our online booking form.

Library Talk - Author Louise Harding
Why Does My Dog…?

Why Does My Dog…?

 Why Does My Dog…?, How Can I Stop My Dog From…?, Can I Get My Dog To…, These are some of the universal questions asked by dog owners the world over. Master Dog Trainer Louise Harding heard the cries of frustration from dog owners and in response established a dog...

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Louise Harding – Animal Trainer

Kiwi dog trainer now calls Australia home. Louise Harding has been training dogs for domestic and competition purposes for more than 20 years. New Zealand obedience champion status with her own dogs. Her current dogsport dogs (koolies) are training and competing in obedience and agility. She is the creator of The Bay Method, that is used her training for tv and film animals as well as in her dog training classes which operate from a fully fenced dog training paddock on the Central Coast NSW.

Louise is awesome, she understands how dogs think and is a wonderful trainer for humans as well. Dog training is the highlight of our dog Coco’s week. She loves Louise (all dogs do) and learns something new each time.. Training has made her a happy and well behaved dog but also allowed her to keep her spirit and personality. Last but not least, training is fantastic fun for humans and dogs alike.

Margi Henderson

Animal Wrangler - Sydney

Animal Wrangler Louise Harding has worked with a large portfolio of clients over the past 20 years.


Louise’s animals regularly cater to Sydney TV and Film agencies.


Our animals arrive on set for the behaviours they have been booked for


Animals from dogs, cats, horses, goslings, geese, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, cows, goats, sheep

Member of APDT

Filmwork Testimonials

What a great trainer of dogs. One can see a great difference in Cobber (and Sam). When we came to you it was Cobbers last chance as he was so wild and willful, having no luck with other trainers your training proved to be pivotal in changing his behaviour but not his soul. You undertook not just training Cobber but also showed a young lad (Sam) the essence of how to be a good trainer and owner. Your training has been great, and both, Cobber and Sam enjoy it each week, not just the training but the company of the other classmate, both four legged and two legged. Thanking you.

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Cheryl McCutcheon

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