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Animal Talent has been proudly supplying highly trained animal actors to the Australian and New Zealand film and television industries for 12 years. Trust us to fulfill your animal star requirements for your next project: ad campaign, film, commercial shoot, television show, live performance, photographic shoot, advertorial or special event.

Our Animal Actors are trained using cruelty-free, positive reward-based training. They arrive on set on time, groomed and ready to perform the behaviours they have been booked for.

Whether you’re looking for a cute playful puppy, a rabbit to be held by a young child, a dog that can help pick up the dirty washing, a lap cat, dogs to go on family outings in the car or a movement cat to jump on and off furniture, we have you covered.

If you have a specific look in mind or a particular behaviour you would like our talented animal actors to perform, we can help with that too! Send us your enquiry today. Click here Animal Talent services the Sydney metropolitan area, Central Coast and Newcastle metropolitan areas of NSW and adheres to The Code of Practice for Animals in Films and Theatrical Performances.


Animal Actors
Dash - Tri-colour Koolie
Pippi - Tri-colour Koolie
Millie - Chocolate Labradoodle
Peanut - Cavoodle
Jack Nicholson - Pug
Saffie - Working Breed Mix
Charlie - Groenendaal (Belgian Shepard)
Millie - Bearded Collie x
Leo - White & Brindle Mixed Breed
Bruno - Chocolate Labrador
Jaffacakes - Bulldog Mix
Pepper - Corgi
Bubbles - Shih Tzu X
Coco - Black Labrador
Horse - Domestic Short Haired
Mingo - Domestic Short Haired
Maggie - Domestic Short Haired
Linus - Domestic Short Haired
Gary - Galah


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