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Nose to Tail – Workbook Series (6 Books)

Workbook 1

Do you dream of a well-mannered dog who is a pleasure to have as a companion? Have you ever thought about training your dog but can’t imagine where you could find time?

In this workbook, the first of The Nose to Tail Workbook Series, Louise will show you how you can easily incorporate training your dog into the busiest of lifestyles. All you will need is basic equipment, some five to ten-minute blocks of time, energy, and a sense of humour.

Louise will guide you each step of the way from understanding your dog’s personality, your own motivations, setting up your home, building focus, and the importance of training with rewards and motivators.

You and your dog will complete a number of tasks that will start you on your path to achieving dog training success!


Workbook 2

Do you hanker for a household where humans and dogs coexist harmoniously?

Is your goal a pet-friendly home without the odour of pees and poos? Do you wish your dog to be calm and content when you’re not in sight?

In Workbook 2, Louise will help you establish and implement basic household manners in your dog.

Avoid the chaos of bench surfing, jumping up, and over-arousal by completing the fun training exercises.

Enjoy playing enrichment games with your dog and making some homemade treats from the easy recipes included within.

Understand the importance of cooperative care, how you can prepare your dog for visits to the vet, and learn all the tips for establishing and maintaining toilet training!

Discover crate training, and how to ensure your dog is comfortable, happy, and relaxed when left alone.


Workbook 3

Is your wish to develop a trusting life-long connection with your dog? Do you want your dog to be respectful and well-trained? Would you like to train your dog with kindness?

In this Workbook, Louise will show you that The Six-pack of core behaviours – Sit, Down, Stay, Quiet, Come and Loose-lead walking are the beginning to your dog training journey.

In fact, they are the foundation from which all behaviours can be taught.

You will learn to teach this Six-pack with easy to follow steps and importantly, how to fit the training into your busy life schedule.

Implemented carefully, with kindness, patience and thought, these core behaviours will create a strong skill-base for life at home and further training.

At the same time, they will help you develop a strong relationship between you and your dog that is based on trust.


Workbook 4

Do you need time to rest, recuperate, and recover from life in the fast lane? Do you wish your dog would also take a moment to just relax and chill?

Would you like your dog to be confident and calm in doorways and getting in and out of the car?

In Workbook 4, Louise teaches you important, everyday skills that you can add to your toolbox.

Specifically, she will cover the importance of sensory development and how to desensitise your dog to everyday household noises.

By following the easy step-by-step instructions and using the checklists provided, you will teach doorway manners, friendly greetings with human strangers, and competency and calmness for getting in and out of a vehicle.

You will also discover the benefits of sniffing games and learn the de-stress techniques for you and your dog, to create peaceful, calm moments you can enjoy together.


Workbook 5

Do you want to enjoy stress-free outings with your dog? Is your aim to have an obedient dog who is relaxed and happy to follow instructions in different locations? Would you like to understand what your dog is thinking?

In Workbook 5, you will introduce your dog to the sights, smells, and sounds of new environments, whilst Louise teaches you to understand your dog’s emotive states and how to read your dog’s body language.

This training builds on The Six-pack of core behaviours by extending them to be performed out and about, and in brand new environments!

You will also teach your dog how to behave in a cafe and how to create stress-free visits to the vet.


Workbook 6

Are you an adventure seeker? Do you fancy trying a competitive dog sport? Would you like to explore a range of fun activities to share with your dog?

In Workbook 6, Louise shares the prerequisites required and some behaviours that will help your dog transition to be ready and willing to try new activities.

You will learn how your dog’s structure defines how he moves, as well as great tips and tricks for setting and maintaining fitness. Build further on your trust-centred relationship and extend your dog’s core skills and competencies.

If you’re not into action and adventure; perhaps you’d just like to share some more laid-back activities?

Either way, there’s plenty to learn and revisit here in this final instalment in The Nose to Tail Workbook Series.

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