Helping Humans Understand Dogs

Silver Steps Class - 6 weeks


Dogs age 6 months+


Successful completion of All Ages Next Steps Course


6 x 1 hr classes



January 16, 2024 –
11:00 am –
12:00 pm

Topics and behaviours covered:
Nose to Tail Book – A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog
* Please note the book is included as a bonus gift. No discounts will be given on class enrolment fees.

  • Bond reinforcement techniques with your dog
  • Cafe Training
  • No More ‘Doorway Dashing’
  • Building confidence around separation
  • Appropriate greetings with other friendly dogs
  • ‘Play’ games for bonding and training rewards
  • Understanding your dog’s developmental phases
  • From boisterous to behaved
  • Adding Duration and Distance to The six-pack of core behaviours
  • Teaching Sit – duration and distance
  • Teaching Stay – duration and distance
  • Teaching Down – duration and distance
  • Teaching Come – distance
  • Teaching Quiet – duration
  • Loose-lead walking out and about