Helping Humans Understand Dogs

Tricks for Beginners

Duration: 2 hrs

In this two hour workshop we will teach some of our favourite tricks. There is usually more than one way to teach a trick, so our instructors will help you work through the steps and develop a series of individualised steps that are best for you and your dog.

You and your dog will begin learning how to:

  • Go around an object
  • Roll over
  • Leg weave
  • Circle the handler
  • Step up
  • Back up
  • Nose Target
  • Step Up
  • Touch
  • Bow


Why do a tricks workshop?

Teaching tricks is fun for you and your dog! There are also lots of benefits besides being super fun:
They increase focus and the bond between you and your dog.
Breaking every simple step into tiny moves turns everyday behaviours into a trick! Tricks help teach your dog body awareness
You and your dog will be the star attraction at your next gathering
You can compete in tricks competitions, like with Dogs NSW!


$75 per person (handlers with dogs)

Limited to 8 spaces

Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and friendly human strangers.

May 1, 2024 –
9:30 am –
11:30 am
May 11, 2024 –
4:00 pm –
6:00 pm
May 18, 2024 –
4:00 pm –
6:00 pm